Potomac River Pirates

Infants starts at 12 weeks:


Our infant space provides a nurturing setting for babies to grow. Our infant program is based on a safe, nurturing, and loving environment. We will work closely with you on a daily basis to ensure we are meeting your infant’s evolving needs through love and attentive care. Our play areas provide equipment and toys that support both gross and fine motor development.  Reading, signing, and singing are a part of our activities every day, as well as daily walks.

M Street Monkeys & Foggy Bottom Frogs

Toddler Classrooms


For young toddlers, exploring and understanding their environment is vital to successful development. Through sensory exploration, children develop a better grasp and appreciation for the world. Toddlers are learning independence and embracing their natural curiosity as we prepare them for Junior Preschool.

Pennsylvania Ave. Puppies

Jr. Preschool


Capital Kids Junior Preschoolers are taught by experienced teachers with training in early childhood development. Our developmentally appropriate lesson plans incorporate art, music, science, language arts, and math activities. Teacher-guided circle time includes singing songs, reading stories, counting and letter practice.  Potty training is in full motion as we prepare all the children for Sr. Preschool!

Georgetown Ponies

Sr. Preschool


Problem-solving, artistic expression and character building all help prepare your child for an elementary classroom setting.  Daily writing and language development help your child build a sense of confidence and self-esteem.  Field trips throughout Washington, DC give students a hands-on approach as they explore their environment through personal experiences. Individualized Learning Assessments are completed three times during the course of the academic year so that you can see your child’s progressions!

Rock Creek Robins



Our Pre-kindergarten syllabus is created based on the achievements of the students’ progress from the previous year.  Creative thinking and exploring their environment is one of the many fun ways we incorporate science and social studies into the classroom. Working in small groups as well as a whole class leads to independence and interaction with peers. During the academic year we practice writing, spelling, and sentence writing. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe community in which your child will learn, grow, and thrive.  We recognize that each child has unique talents, learning styles, and personalities.   Our small size and class ratios allow teachers to better understand and address the needs of each child.  Our classroom is wherever we go and we find ways for your child to learn and have fun doing so.

About Us

Capital Kids DC has been a part of the West End neighborhood for almost three decades.  We are locally owned and operated and our two owners work on site.  We have amazing teachers, many of whom have worked here for a decade or more.  Our owners, Director, staff, and families are made up of diverse individuals and we work everyday to bring that diversity and joy into the care and education of our students.