Capital Kids maintains a USDA approved food program. We offer morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack. All snacks and meals are pre-planned with menus posted in advance. If your child has food allergies or is adjusting to table food for the first time, please refer to this menu when planning for your child and communicate with your child's teacher on foods your child is able to consume. Please do not allow your child to finish their breakfast or lunch that is brought from home, at school in an effort to protect those children and staff with airborne and contact food allergies. 


We are a nut sensitive facility. This includes ALL food brought from home. We cannot guarantee that this facility is 100% nut free due to circumstances beyond our control. We make a good faith effort to maintain nut free, but cannot ensure it. For birthday and special occasions ONLY STORE BOUGHT FOOD may be brought to school. This is to ensure proper food handling procedures and accurate food labels. In case of food allergies, all food brought from home must be a bag lunch that is nut free and clearly marked with your child’s full name and date. 

 Lunches are catered by Good Food Company of Alexandria, VA while snacks are provided by Capital Kids. Organic milk is served with breakfast and lunch.  All fruit served is fresh fruit as it is in season.